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Lyrics: Trust in God

When times get rough and times get hard/ But you gotta stand up & trust in God

Without faith, it’s impossible to please God, so I gathered some up, and walked off my job/ Now my pockets lookin’ empty, man I feel robbed/ Can’t go by what I see, I gotta trust God/ I’m tired of actin’ like an orphan when I gotta father/ All I gotta do is call & I don’t even bother/ I know what He can do - it don’t take a scholar/ It’s “In God We Trust,” it’s even on the dollar/ Now the bills rollin’ in and they past due/ So I’m cryn’ out, “Father, tell me what to do,” / Cuz I’m sick from these jobs like I got the flu/ Because the last job I had took me away from you/ I know my real job is a deacon at the church/ I know you chose me, so what am I gonna do to work/ I put my feelings to the side, even when they hurt/ Because I’m learning how to trust you and put you firstWhen times get rough and times get hard/ But you gotta stand up & trust in God

Now I’m home everyday with my family, right?/ Got my Bible in my basement, tryna read and write/ Tryin’ to find some quiet time, so I can grip the mic, / Cuz God is telling me to get ready for Friday nights/ Meanwhile I’m baby sitting, tryna potty train/ And I’m dealing with infections that the body brings/ Job’s calling, wantin’ second shift that’s kinda lame/ This life’s rough sometimes, but I stay on top of things/ Satan mad, cause I finally learn to use faith/ Got my armor on and my helmet sittin’ straight/ On my way to Bible study, man I can’t be late/ Cuz Pastor Craig ‘bout to feed ya boy a full plate/Now I’m back in the house of God full-time/ And don’t worry about weight, Ima pull mine/Pastor got some work to do, Ima get in line/ Cuz God lit my lamp and I got full shine

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