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Lyrics: J-Boy

“J-boy with it” That's what they say when they see my shirt/ Jesus walks through my life you can see the work/ It’s more than clothes, it’s my lifestyle/ Christ changed up my talk, and my image He gave my life style/ I praise His name in the middle of whatever nobody can do it better you can see it on my sweater/ Ima J-boy, cause I came to Christ like a child so my faith is OK boy/ I'ma rise like biscuits with the fire of the Lord you can get a quick hit/ Gotta keep it tight in my walk like my fist gets/ Keep the word of God on my mouth like women do with they lip stick/ DJ unk he told em walk/ Boy gone with that stanky leg, what y'all talking ‘bout/ Harlem Shake I'm cool, no “Chicken Noodle Soupin’”/ This that J-boy dance, so get used to it/ We saved and we grooving, faith done been proven/ Christ is in control so ain't no limit to this cruising/ My style is unique, I'm wonderfully made/ J-boy walking on them boys sippin’ james lemonade.

Where my J Boy's? Them real J Boy's/ Them ones that's unashamed to represent His name Boy/ Them one's that ain’t afraid to walk around & make noise/ For the Savior who was slain and came to give ‘em straight joy/ Real J Boy's model the Son/ They keep the cross, and seek the lost, and always walking in love/ They'll hit the block and straight walk up on a mob full of thugs/ And get the Word of God popping like they cocking a gun/ Now where my J Girls at? Proverbs 31/ A real woman in the church finds her worth in the Son/ She doesn’t flirt with any men with mini skirts on her butt/ Sipping henny with plenty friends and trying to twerk in the club/ SHE'S SOLD OUT!!! Cuz she was bought with a price/ The cost was paid upon the cross when Christ offered His life/ That's right, she the type to J-Girl when she walk it out/ And all my J-Boys know what I’m talking ‘bout

Ima J-boy, a Jesus Christ representer/ The flow so cold like a river in the winter/ I see snakes in the water, homie why yall tryna hinder/ We fishing for the souls, it’s our number one agenda/ J-boys, we unashamed and sold out for the Lord’s name/ J-boys, we on the scene our spirit clean like Listerine/ J-boys, we in the race, no paper chase, just keep the faith/ J-boys, we keep it hot we never stop, we in the spot/ Yeaaah, now where them J-girls at/ The ones who be praying and worshipping like that/ The ones who be staying from flirting and all that/ The ones who never laying and twerking and all that/ Go ahead ‘lil mama, keep on doing what you doing/ Serving God to the fullest, Jesus Christ keep pursuing/ I’m radical for Jesus ,you know who I am/ Ima J-boy, my pants up,”yes sir and no ma’am”

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