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Lyrics: I'm Free

Used to be a slave, chained to my sin/ Each and every day, I was tryin’ to get it in/ Head to the mall, whole check Ima spend/ Tryn’ look fly for these older women/ Hoppin’ out the shower smellin’ like Irish Spring/ ‘86 Cutlass Brougham I’m clean/ Already 21, no kids, no ring/ Ain’t worried ‘bout nothing homie, Ima do me/ I ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout church, I aint tryn’ to get right/ I’m steady dustin off my feet, don't you see these white Nikes? / I want to be on stage man, I wanna take flights/ God tuggin’ on my heart, but I told Him, “Take a hike”/ I was full of malt liquor, I was sippin’ on mickies/ Fish tailin’ sideways & the homies ridin’ with me/ I was breakin ‘ all the laws, so the police wanna get me/ I was on my way to hell, and I was movin’ real quickly.

Jesus took the chains off me, I’m covered in the blood, its on me/ Praisin’ non stop till I, OD/  So homie Ima dance, cause I’m free (repeat)

Still couldn’t learn, I was doing the same thing/ Hit the fellas up, like "Homie, where the drink?"/ Fresh, white T with a brand new chain/ Lookin' in the mirror, $5 earrings/ Shawty say she like me, I think she really do/ Hit her on the phone, baby can I come through/ I ain't tellin' no like man I'm tellin' y'all the truth/  I thought I was the man, when I really was a fool/ You know, and I kept that worldly music steady playing in my ear/ But the Lord kept speaking saying, "Son, come here"/ Man I tried to play it off, but he spoke so clear/ and If you don't wanna listen, Ima put you right here/ So I rolled the monopoly dice, and they landed me in jail/ Had to sit up in a cell ,where I could make my bail/ Man I couldn't move at all, sail boat without a sail/ Then he filled me with the gospel, said, "Son, run and tell."

Now your boy saved, filled up and born again/ I’m free from the world, I’m free from my sin/ The Lord went inside, and did some rearranging/  Bible study with the homies now I’m really getting it in/

Ya know I ain’t trippi’n off nothing ‘cause the Lord got my back/  I keep that black book pack in my blue pack/  And I’m going full speed, ‘cause I’m on the right track/ If the Lord say, “get ‘em,”  I ain’t cutting no slack/  And its all because of Jesus that I stand a free man, and I’m covered by the son, so I get a free tan/ And I’m feeling super strong, you can call me he-man/ Unlimited minutes with the Lord -  free plan/ Runnin’ for the Lord is the way it should be, so Ima gone and move for him, he broke the shackles off my feet/ Used to be a slave, now ‘ya boy free/  Now I can float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

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