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Lyrics: Come & Get Me

Helmet of salvation - check/ Breastplate of righteousness - check/ Loins girt about with the Truth /Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace - check/ Shield of faith- check/ and the Sword of the Spirit - check and mate

I know you watchin’ like winter,  patiently waiting for me to fall/  But keep waitin’ & debating, anticipating my fall/  I’m like an oak tree in a blizzard, man I stand through it all/  You see my legs are too strong for me to drop down and crawl / Now you seeking and stalking, but I keep on walking and talking / Because I live by the Spirit,  I left my flesh in a coffin/  I’m feeling strong and not weak/ You feeling froggy, then leap/  Cuz it’s Ephesians chapter 6, I keep that armor on me/ And this is war zone, kinda like W.W.E and I’m like John Cena , “You can’t see me!”

Devil if you want me, you better come get me/ I won’t roll over, and I won’t make it easy 

Like a Spartan, baby, I was bred for war/ God made me from the start with that fight in my heart/ and you gonna get my point, just like the tip of a dart/ Don’t get your hands split, kinda like the sea that got part/ I know you mad, Satan becuz I counted up the cost/ And then I signed with the Lord, I’m the player you lost/ Number 3 is the Trinity, so you know Ima floss/ And you know I keep that rock, if you reach, Ima cross/ Yeah the Bible is the book where we keep them plays, I thank God for Jesus Christ, the One who saves

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