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Fresh Kicks for Foster Kids

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Goal $2,000 by December 10th 2017

Mission: Hero Music’s Mission is to raise $2,000 for the purchase of shoes for children in foster care before Christmas of 2017. The focus is Pre-Teen and Teen youth who may be active in sports or need nice winter shoes. We are working closely with a foster care placement agency so they can help provide a list of 5-10 youth in the Kansas City area that really need nice name brand shoes. (If our goal is reached or goes over we can add more youth) .

No, we shouldn’t emphasize about name brands however our feelings are this. Growing up and being in school with peers is very difficult for some. Bullies will pick and make fun of other kids for the smallest things. Now, as a foster child add not being with family, placed with strangers and a plethora of other emotions and feelings of being rejected or let down to the list. If you have children or remember how it was in school I’m sure you understand. In addition to that, sports shoes can be expensive especially since teens wear men’s and women’s size shoes with prices ranging from $65-$175.

If giving a simple shoe can brighten a child’s day and help them lift their head while walking though those doors of middle and high school then why not act on it?

If you’d like to help with this project with Terrell Watson and HERO MUSIC then you can do a few things, PayPal your donation to and put Fresh Kicks for Foster Kids in the memo, Hand deliver(lets meet up!), or the cash app (just in box me and I can send a request).

We do not want to use a go fund me due to them taking a percent and we want the entire donation to go directly to the purchase of new shoes. Lastly if you have shoes that are not worn and new in a box that you just never wore no matter the size please let us know and we can get those too. We will be updating periodically on the progress of the goal, providing pictures of the purchases and delivering them to the youth or their case worker. (No pictures of the youth’s face is allowed to do legality) Thanks for your support and Being a HERO for your city! -Terrell Watson Cash Tag $Terrellwatsonhero

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