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Brief Update

WOW, So much has happened since the last blog entry. I've taken several months to mature my music ministry and focus more on family.

As you may know I released "Jubilee" In July of 2016. I've been touring with Team Xtreme International Ministries and have gotten the chance to visit some amazing places. I was exceptionally fortunate to join 7 Impact again this year to share the gospel with youth inside inner city schools.

One things for sure if God is in the midst love is all around and I definitely have been feeling the love! Hearing amazing testimonies how music has inspired someone really helps me to push harder for the Kingdom. Speaking of pushing hard for the Kingdom, I've been slowly introducing R151. Can you guess what it stands for? Keep your eye out for much more surrounding R151!

I'm super excited to be growing this chapter with everyone. So let's put on our BOOTS, HELMETS, VESTS, and BELTS. GO GRAB YOUR SHIELDS AND SWORDS fellow HEROS and join me as we stand strong for our brethren and seek out the lost together!


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