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Terrell Watson was born December 10, 1984, on the Lee Joyner Bridge that stretches over the Ouachita River in Monroe, LA. He grew up in Spearsville, LA until he hit the age of 15. His mother wanted better opportunities for him and his four brothers, so she relocated the family to Kansas City, KS.


Terrell grew up with God surrounding him through his family members. But as the teenage mind wanders, so did Terrell. Instead of chasing Christ, academics, and sports, he chased girls, music, money, and cars. This easily took him off the path God had for him, and eventually landed him in jail.


During this season, Terrell's mom would continually speak truth into his life. She knew he was created for a purpose and reminded him often, even during his darkest times.


In 2007, Terrell fully dedicated his life to Christ, married, became a deacon at his church, and has been running for the Lord ever since. Anyone who meets Terrell is instantly attracted to his outgoing personality. He loves people and loves to have fun on and off the stage. His passion is ministering through his music and using his crazy, creative personality to draw people to Christ.